Saturday, 16 September 2017

Odoo 10: Link external url to menu

Hi, following code can be used to link menu to external url:

<record id="external_link" model="ir.actions.act_url">
        <field name="name">Odoobiz</field>
        <field name="type">ir.actions.act_url</field>
        <field name="target">new</field>
        <field name="url"></field>

<menuitem action="external_link" name="Odoobiz" id="menu_odoobiz_link" parent="website_blog.menu_website_blog_root"/>

This code will create Odoobiz menu under Blog menu and link it to This will open link in new tab. If you want to open it in same tab itself. Please use -

<field name="target">self</field>

Thanks!!!!!!!! Enjoy Programming!! :)

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