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Gmail: Download blocked file

                                          Hi, today we are going to learn, how to download blocked file in gmail. Sometimes you see following message in gmail: and you can't download attached file Follow steps to download file: 1. Open original message as shown in image 2. Download Original let's name it download_original.txt 3.  Save following python script in same directory. Let's name it import email import sys if __name__=='__main__':     if len(sys.argv)<2:         print "Please enter a file to extract attachments from"         sys.exit(1)     msg = email.message_from_file(open(sys.argv[1]))     for pl in msg.get_payload():         if pl.get_filename(): # if it is an attachment             open(pl.get_filename(), 'wb').write(pl.get_payload(decode=True)) 4. Go to Python console If you are using MAC book or Linux OS - open terminal and type python type python    import_fil

Blogger: Set subdomain for blog using Cloudflare

If you want to point you blog hosted at to subdomain like using Cloudflare, following are the steps: 1. Go to Basic Settings of your blog 2. Click on Third-party domain settings under Publishing 3. It will ask you to add two CNAME entries under your DNS settings. You can add as follow in Cloudflare 4. Set domain in your blog settings as Save. That's it. Sometimes it reflects immediately, sometimes it takes 24 to 48 hours as well. Thanks!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy Programming!! :)