Thursday, 10 December 2015

Odoo: Mollie Payment Gateway Integration

Since few days I was working on Mollie Payment Gateway Integration with Odoo. Finally I have done it successfully. If anyone needs any kind of help in form of it's integration, coding problems, working structure or if you are interested in buying this module, you can contact by through comments on this post.

Update: Now Mollie Payment Acquirer Module(Odoo 8) is available for sale on Odoo webshop as well. Buy Here

Thanks!!!! Enjoy Programming :)


  1. Hi Shiv,

    Do you have it working in Odoo 9 already?
    And, are you willing to share your source code?


  2. I didn't try it with Odoo 9 but working perfect with Odoo 8. It's a paid module will be available for sale on Odoo web shop in next few days. Hence can't share source code with you. If you are already developing it and got stuck somewhere please let me know.

  3. Ah well, too bad. if I get stuck somewhere i'll be in contact


Thanks for your valuable comments.