Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Implementation of free3of9 bar-code in Odoo/OpenERP

Following are the steps to implement free3of9 bar-code in Odoo/OpenERP.

1. Install fonts(.ttf) files on your server.

a. You can download free3of9 bar-code files from here: http://www.barcodesinc.com/free-barcode-font/free3of9.zip

b. Extract/unzip folder and copy extracted 'free3of9' folder in '/usr/share/fonts/' folder only with .ttf files.

2. Odoo use two codes for 3of9 bar-code. 

Standard39 for Normal 3of9 and

Extended39 for Extended 3of9 or New 3of9

3. In Odoo you can use it as follow based on your .rml or .xml file

a. For .rml file:

<barCode code="Standard39" fontName="Times-Roman" fontSize="30" alignment="CENTER"> [[ o.name or '' ]] </barCode>

b. For .xml file:

<img t-att-src="'/report/barcode/?type=%s&amp;value=%s&amp;width=%s&amp;height=%s' % ('Standard39', o.name, 600, 100)" style="width:300px;height:50px;"/>

If still it's not working, restart your server. 

Note: Follow first two steps as root user only.

Hopefully it will help someone. Kindly post your valuable comments, if any improvement is needed.

Thanks!!!!!!! Enjoy Programming! :)

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