Thursday, 19 June 2014

Creately for Diagramming

In IT world, day-to-day activities, we have to work with projects and provide some wireframes, flowcharts and other graphical diagrams to internal (seniors) and external clients. There are a lot of tools available to create all these diagrams.

Few days back, from one of my senior I come to know about Creately, an online fast tool to create wireframes, flowcharts, graphical diagrams etc. You can draw almost everything using Creately. It’s really user friendly. You will create your diagram; do changes; save it there. You can export it in form of Image, PDF or SVG file.

You can start using it with Google account from here:

Or directly from their website:

I love it the way it works.

You can use Free or Paid account. In case you are using free account you have to share your diagrams publicly. That’s the only and the biggest disadvantage they are having.

Thanks!!!!!!!! Enjoy Programming J

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