Sunday, 2 February 2014

TinyMCE Common Problems

1)      TinyMCE deletes empty block elements?

If you are facing above problem and using version < 3.5.x then following link will be useful.

2)     TinyMCE turning/converting <i> into <em> or something like that?

Following answer may be helpful for you.

you have to change valid_elements option in tiny_mce.js file.

3)     Removing some custom attributes you have entered for an element?

For example :  <a data-toggle="collapse" href=””>DirtyHandsPHP</a>

TinyMCE will remove this custom attributes : data-toggle. Again to keep this as it, you have to add the element attribute in valid_elements as explained in 2nd point as below :


Please let me know if you are facing any other problem in TinyMCE so that we can include them here on one page.

Thanks!!!!!! Enjoy Programming :)