Saturday, 8 September 2012

Migrate existing FB Apps to another account

Recently, one of my friend asked me the question that he wants to migrate all of his FB Apps to another FB account, how he can do it? Solution is simple. May be most of you are already aware of that but I thought of sharing it on my blog.

Following are the steps to migrate one FB App to another account.

1) Go to your developers account and check the page

2) From left panel select the app you want to migrate to another account.

3) Your selected App details will get populated on right side panel. Under Roles section click on 'Edit Roles' link.

4) A new window will open. Under Administrators tab click on add button and select other account name where you want to migrate this App (So another account holder should be in your friend list by default).

Note : Please make ensure that the other account is verified one.

5) Now the FB app has two administrators and both administrators can do anything. Even one can remove other administrator. Login to your new administrator account and visit the app.

6) Go to the screen as per step 4 and remove your first account name from the App. Now you are no more administrator of the App and App had been migrated successfully.

Thanks!!!!!!! Enjoy Programming :)

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