Sunday, 2 September 2012

CakePHP code not working on Production Server?

Today when I was preparing myself for tomorrow’s project demo uploaded whole project code on production server. But something strange happened; code was not working as expected. But same code was working fine on my local system. Just noticed that no validation was working and database related functions were also not working fine. Searched over internet and stackoverflow but didn’t answer that could rectify my problem. I thought may be it happened due to Auth component I used. But again if it’s working on local system then it should also work on production server. Keep searching and finally got a blog where I got the proper answer. I did a mistake actually so I was the only culprit. For model names I used different nomenclature. For users table I used User.php as model file name instead of user.php and so on. When I did those changes everything worked fine. So please keep it mind that model file name should be e.g user.php (all small characters) format. 

Thanks!!!!!!!!! Enjoy Programming :)

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