Sunday, 27 May 2012

Capture website screenshots in PHP using grabzit library

Near about 1 year ago, one of our project’s requirement was to take screenshot of some website pages at run time and save them, but at that moment our team didn’t find any proper solution. Today while I was going through Google Reader found a article “Sreenshots in PHP with GrabzIt”, went into detail of that and found useful. Although it’s properly documented on the website even then I will try to summaries in few easy steps.

1) Register yourself :

2) After successful completion of registration you will get Application Key and 
     Application Secret. Store it somewhere.

3) Download Simple PHP Library from :

4) Assign write and read permissions to images folder.

5) Go to GrabzItConfig.php file and set the values of configuration variables : 
    $grabzItApplicationKey, $grabzItApplicationSecret and  

6) Run index.php file.

It will show you all the screenshots. As these people have used core PHP for coding so you can easily modify the code as per your requirements. You can store image ids in database and then use them later etc.

Thanks!!!!!!!! Enjoy Programming :)

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