Saturday, 30 June 2012

Calculate effective size of the window(excluding taskbar) in Java

Yesterday, I was working with generating a graph using jfreechart library. The requirement was to show a window with graph on full screen. When i used the following code it didn't give me the desired results. Taskbar was overlapping bottom part of the screen.

this.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize().width, Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize().height));

After searching over internet i found the solution and following code snippet worked properly as per my requirements.

//Calculate height of the task bar
Insets scnMax = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenInsets(getGraphicsConfiguration());
int taskBarSize = scnMax.bottom;

this.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize().width, Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize().height-taskBarSize));

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Use API in PHP : Part2

Before going forward I assume that you had already gone through first part of the post 
" to create shorten urls in PHP : Part1". So now you have the parameters named 
with username and api key

In this part we would discuss over using bitly Applications with API. 

"If you are looking to work with multiple end-users, or to pull any information on a user 
level for your own account (including link history, bundle history, and/or analytics), you 
will need to register an application with us to authenticate with our API." - bitly website. 
So if you wanna fetch information of multiple users you have to create an application.   
Follow following steps :

1) Go to bitly developer section

2) Click on "Manage My Apps" button or link.

3) Click on Advanced tab. Go to Registered OAuth applications section and click on "Register OAuth Application" link. Following screen would appear

Click on "Get Registration Code" button and follow the steps.

In Third step you will get the following screen.

Fill all the required information and Click on "Create Your App" button at the end.

4) After success-full creation of application it would return you the following parameter values.

Application Link
Application Description

So here the process of creating an application gets over. Now starts the actual part called "Coding".
bitly uses OAuth2 and in OAuth API implementation, OAuth provides access_token for each
and every user that we can store in our database once user authenticate the application and 
then use it number of times to get user information until user revokes the same. Let's start
the process of getting access token.

a) Download the library

b) Specify all the parameters in config.php

c) Access index.php file through browser (Means index.php of your application). 

Check the code

$authorize_url = AUTHENTICATION_URL."?client_id=".CLIENT_ID."&redirect_uri=".LOCAL_AUTHENTICATION_URL;

It would redirect the user to authentication page as follow.

d) Allow it and the user would be redirected to 


You would see three variable values there

 access_token - the OAuth access token for specified user
 login - the end-user's bitly username
 apiKey - the end-user's bitly API key

These all three are user specific variables. Store all of them in database. We will use them 
to get user information and other related stuff.

For example :

It would return you the user information in JSON format. Parse the information and use it. 

Similarly there are a number of function and urls to be used to get user specific 
information. For more details check Bitly API Documentation.

If you have any problem implementing bitly API please let me know.

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Use to create shorten urls in PHP : Part1 is the most popular service to create shorten urls. In 2010, they had announced 

Version 3 of the API. They had come with some new features like click counts, 

getting bundle information, query bitly information etc... All V3 methods support identical 

JSON and XML response formats. JSONP is likewise universally supported, and many 

methods support an additional plain text response format.

I have divided the bitly session into two parts.

Let’s start with first part. Please follow these steps:

a)  Register yourself with
b)  Go to developers section :
c)  On top navigation bar click on My Apps link.

d)  Go to Manage My Apps->Advanced Tab 

e)  Note down your API Key (Click on Show legacy API
     key link in Legacy API Key Section and it would show you the API key).

f)  Click on the link It would show your username and 
    api key. Make sure  that both the api keys from step 5 and 6 are same.

To create shorten urls we need only username and api_key parameters.

Following is the function I had written to create shorten url using json format.

//Note* Constants like THIRD_PARTY_SHORTEN_BASE_URL are stored in 
config.php file.


include ("config.php");

echo shorten_long_url("","json"); die;

//All APIs support an optional return format parameter format=json so same 
convetion i had followed here

function shorten_long_url($long_url,$format = 'json') {  
                $authorize_url = THIRD_PARTY_SHORTEN_BASE_URL."?                  
                $response = file_get_contents($authorize_url);

                if($format == "json") {
                                $json_parsed = json_decode($response);

                                //I have used both status_code and status_txt parameters to test if 
                                  response in ok because as per bitly API documentation sometimes 
                                  status_code 200 doesn't mean the request id ok
                                if($json_parsed->status_code == 200 && $json_parsed->status_txt == 
                                                $shorten_url   = $json_parsed->data->url;
                                                return $shorten_url;
                                                return 'Invalid Request';
                                //write code for xml request here

It would return you the shorten url.

Thanks!!!!!!!!! Enjoy Programming :)