Sunday, 5 February 2012

Java : Convert jar file into exe file in Windows

Recently I had developed a desktop application in Java. After completion of my source code i created a jar file of the package named tool.jar, but using .jar file is not that user friendly so i decided to go with .exe file. Here are the following steps using JSmooth to create .exe file from .jar file.

1)  Download exe file jsmooth-0.9.9-7-setup.exe using following link: \

2) Run downloaded exe file. Following window would appear.

3) Go to Application tab and set the Main class file. Put the same name which you had used in netbeans/eclipse IDE project as Main Class.

If the jar file is embedded in your package check the box ‘Use an embedded jar’. Put full path of the jar fiile of your package.

In Classpath mention all the libraries you have used in the project and the jar file. So here you are specifying the full code you needed to run your application.

Note : You can add the files by click on the yello + button and remove by using yello – button. You can also pass the Application Arguments if any default argument is required to run your application. In my case there is not any requirement of default arguments to run my application so I kept it blank.

4) Go to Executable tab and set Executable Binary file path. Mention the full path with name of the .exe file you want to be created. You can also set the Executable icon that you want to appear on exe file.

5) Go to  JVM Selection tab. Mention Minimum and Maximum JVM Versions required to run your application. It's optional.

6) Go to  Skeleton tab. Under Skeleton Properties Section there are number of options.

Against Message you can put the message that would be displayed to the user if java is not installed on the system.  You can also specify the url from where user can download that specific JRM/JRE that is required to run your application.

7) Go to Project  Menu and compile the file. Following message would appear if there is not any compilation error.

Click Done.

8) Your executable file is ready. Check the exe file location you had mentioned in step 4. Double click on that. It would work like charm.

Note :  You can also download detailed pdf from here.
 Thanks!!!!!! Enjoy Programming!!!!!!!!!!

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